Why Telephone Answering may be Suitable for your Practice

Most health professionals stay busy accomplishing their core activities, by giving their patients treatment and providing consultations. Because of this, they often don’t have the time they need to perform all the necessary administrative work.


So, there arises a need for a Private Practice Assistant (PPA) who can handle all the administrative work on behalf of the health professional, such as answering phone call calls, managing emails, preparing documents & presentations and planning & organising meetings. All this is done by medical outsourcing companies these days and because of this you need to make sure that you choose the best PPA company for your clinic.

Features of a telephone answering assistant

Professionals in answering calls- PPAs are professionally trained in handling your calls and letting you focus on your core competencies. PPAs are certified personnel who are well checked, well-educated and understand how to handle each client’s calls professionally. Most professionally managed practices in today’s world use trained PPAs who undergo complete training to take and manage calls.

Able to work under pressure- There are times when you are in the middle of the treatment of one of your clients in your clinic. Your PPAs should be able to understand your work schedule and be able to handle all the work that needs to be completed properly. Good outsourcing companies train their PPAs for difficult situations and on how to effectively deal with such situations.

Self motivated- PPAs should be self-motivated people who understand the needs of the doctor, understand their position and as such should coordinate in the activities of the clinic without getting demotivated and should be self-motivated to perform all their necessary work in the clinic.

Proactive- Being proactive is essential for a job in telephone answering. Professionally managed companies focus on this aspect while selecting the candidate for PPA. If the PPA is proactive, then they will understand the need of their clients and will work accordingly and as such, it will save them time and it will be easier to help the health professional understand the situation. You can expect this quality from a professionally managed medical outsourcing company.

Understand Duties- This is very important for a PPA to understand what their duties at work are, like responding to the emails, professionally answering calls, delegating work in the boss’s absence, attending meetings on the boss behalf, planning and organizing events, preparing presentations, typing documents, sourcing and ordering stationery and office equipments etc. These are some important tasks that a PPA should know how to do.

Result oriented- Getting results is the main goal of every business. A good PPA helps the health professionals in achieving this goal and coordinates in different activities, such as appreciating their clients and making the clients happy with their work, which in turn, results in better business. So, if they understand how to attain the goal of the clinic, they can work much better in any environment.

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