Frequently asked questions

MedSecretary (Medical Secretary) is a complete solution to manage and run a clinician's day to day secretarial/administrative activities. Leaving the clinician to do what he or she knows best, which is to work with the patients.

MedSecretary offer the following services:

  • Full Practice Management Service- Diary Management, Billing & Accounting and Reporting
  • Billing & Accounting Service- Billing and Debt Chasing Service
  • Secretarial Service (Including temporary cover)- Telephone answering and Personal Assistance
  • Transcription Service- Letter Production
  • Inherited Bad Debts (debt chasing)

Please see a short sample of our benefits:

  •    We will reduce your existing billing costs by a minimum of 5%
  •    There will always be a PPA to answer calls from you and your patients (between 8am-6pm Mon-Fri)
  •    Your own PPA to lift the burden of running your practice
  •    Your PPA answer all your calls in a friendly and efficient manner
  •    We will endeavour to process all your billing with 100% accuracy
  •    We will give you 24/7 online access to your own personal practice management data from your remote location
  •    We will endeavour to recover all the bad debt owed to you.

A PPA is a professional medical secretary/administrator with experience of diary management, account handling and other secretarial services and most importantly patient interaction.  All of our PPA’s have many years of experience working for/with clinicians and practitioners in the private sector as well as the NHS.

There will be another PPA from Med Secretary that will share the information on how to manage your practice efficiently so that there will always be somebody available to answer calls from your patients and continue the work practices.  

MedSecretary PPA’s are available to answer calls between 8am-5pm Mon to Fri, out of office hours are covered by voice mail (the voice mail messages are answered the next working day)


A personal allocated DDI phone number is provided to each registered Clinician (Client).


The PPA is trained to answer the phone acting as Clients personal assistant, and will answer the phone with a greeting unique to the Client.


 Access is available to the Client and his/her personal practice assistant (with appropriate authority of user or administrator).  Our diary management software is easy to use and available 24/7.  Once an appointment has been made, notification is sent to the practitioner as well as the patient.


Excel format is preferred, however you may provide it in word format, or a printed copy however there will be a charge applied to data enter your patients from a paper hard-copy list.  

Yes, we can design a company logo for you which you will own and will be used in all typed correspondence from Med Secretary for a one-off charge per logo.

There is no charge to cancel your contract with us, however a charge will be applied to transfer the data back to you in your required format.

We offer debt chasing (NOT debt collection); we can chase your old debt with either the insurance companies or individual patients.

Each client's service is bespoke to their business, so a "one size fits all" process does not work with our business model, instead we offer a personalised service so that you only pay for the services you require. Please call us for a free quote assessment so that we can find out how we can best suit your business needs.

Med Secretary has an Information Security Policy; a copy can be provided on request. Our Personal Practice Assistants will also be happy to sign a confidentiality agreement if requested.

All email communication between the Client and MedSecretary are sent via secure email system.

The next step will be to register you with PPM and create a log-in for you, set up your DDL telephone line, telephone message service, email and letterhead which is completed within 3 working days.

Either you are a clinician in full private hospital, group practice or single private practitioner you will be allocated a fully qualified individual Personal Practice Assistance.

It depends if you are looking for a one off task such as large patient data migration or a full service which will require ongoing support. Please call us for further information as each client’s quota is different.

Med secretary is available to the single clinician, group practices as well as larger private hospitals.

Yes, you can choose to take the advantage of the full Practice management service or any of the individual services on offer. By taking the full service you will benefit from a reduction in your monthly cost.

Yes, our diary management software is easy to use and available 24/7. Access is available to the clinician and his personal practice assistant (with appropriate authority of user or administrator). At a later date access to the clinician's diary will be available online to patients, allowing them to request available slots. Once an appointment has been made, notification is sent to the practitioner as well as the patient.

Simply call 0203 875 9990 and speak to our team for a detailed assessment of your business.